About Mobile Web Best Practices


Mobile Web Best Practices is a site to help people learn about and get things done with the mobile web. It’s a tool to introduce best practices to cross-disciplinary teams so they can create great mobile web experiences. In addition, this site is a place to come together to move the medium forward by discussing challenging issues and advocating for better standards.


Mobile Web Best Practices is built and maintained by people who want to make the mobile web a better place and want to see it grow as a unique medium. This site is for anyone interested in the mobile web


This site originated as a way to address common questions asked by coworkers embarking on mobile web projects. We got tired of answering the question “where do I go to find out about this stuff?” and as a result decided to make this site.

However, this site has much deeper roots with the mobile web community needing a place to come together to discuss the challenges of the mobile web and help shape the medium’s future.


The mobile web landscape changes on a seemingly-daily basis. That’s why this site doesn’t try to be the definitive guide to creating for the mobile web.

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It simply serves as a guide to point people in the right direction and help them discover new tools and techniques.